Des albums de plus en plus anticipés?

Une nouvelle année riche en surprise musicale et c’est le magazine « consequence of sound » qui vous le dit…l’article parle aussi de Blondie…

“What happens for me and the songs is that the lyrics are always about relationships for the most part, and then there’s this musical aspect, the component of emotion that exists in the music exclusively without any lyrics. When those two things are combined, whatever happens to the listener is truly individual. That’s probably why everyone is so in tune with music. You can’t help it; it’s just something that you can’t help.” Deborah Harry

Paroles de fan : Vicki

Vicki Archer sur son blog nous dit qu’il y a un peu de Blondie en chacun de nous 😉

There Is A Little Blondie In All Of Us

I understand if you aren’t of my generation but for those around my age, Deborah Harry, aka “Blondie” was one amazing rocker.
She was older, cooler and way more naughty than even my wildest dreams but I danced and sang to her music, not to mention the embarrassing karaoke, for a significant part of my growing up.

Blondie was the queen of leather, when leather was for “real” bikers.I remember her style, she was way ahead of her time and I never imagined I would wear anything vaguely similar to Blondie; long distance respect and appreciation for her wild girl was one thing, my deep down conservatism another.

As a young girl I was much more conservative and risk adverse than I am today; thankfully my confidence has grown with the years.

This is a rather long way about of admitting a love for leather leggings.Yes, I am late to the party. Originally I feared they were not for me and more for my daughters; more for the Blondie types out there with the bravery to really rock them. Ok, well I found my inner Blondie a couple of years ago and I have never looked back. They are my go-to everything pant in winter and depending on how I accessorise them, the leather leggings have pretty much been everywhere with me.

There is no such thing as not being able to wear them; it’s all about how you wear them.I never wear them without a jacket, long shirt, turtleneck or sweater covering the top. I like them worn with a longer line sweater or shirt and blazer or coat. That’s me; I prefer my back covered.

I wear them with sneakers, with trainers, with mules and with heels for dressing up. I have worn them with a tuxedo jacket, a woollen blazer and a 3/4 overcoat and not to mention the army jacket. That is my constant combination; leather leggings, turtleneck, Stan Smith’s and the khaki jacket. I like the full leathers and also the leggings that have leather on the front and fabric on the back. I have pretty much worn out my J.Crew versions and have been looking for something similar. I finally found them.

I believe as long as our confidence shines and we are able to interpret fashion to suit our physical selves then never say, never. I have banished the “too young” from my vocabulary and am focusing on the “what suits”.

Leather leggings, I think I love you. xv

Johnny Marr « my monster »

Dans cette interview Johnny Marr parle de sa carrière mais aussi de sa collaboration sur le nouvel album de Blondie. Le groupe reprendra une de ces chansons « my monster ».


Photo tirée de l’article de Roland magazine:

Is there a third solo album in the works?

I’m about to start a new solo record next year. I’ve just written a new song for Blondie which was very exciting. It’s called My Monster. Who isn’t a fan of Blondie? They were an influence on me, particularly on my solo stuff. Debbie Harry is a really great writer of pop lyrics. That’s something that has always been overlooked, whether it’s Union City Blue or Call Me. Their whole catalogue, Atomic, Picture This, is full of great pop songs with really good lyrics. It was a real honour. It’s the first time someone has recorded one of my songs and I’ve written the lyrics. I’ve had plenty of songs that Kirsty (MacColl) or Morrissey has written lyrics for my music, but this is the first where I’ve had someone do my lyrics and music and to have Blondie do that is high up my list, it doesn’t get much better. I’m also working on a lot of music and words with the actor Maxine Peake, who is well known in the UK, she’s a phenomenal person. I’m yet to work out how I’m going to present it but I do want to bring it to the stage. It’s fairly theatrical, I’m trying to cross theatre and a gig in a way that’s not been done before. It’s within my grasp. The autobiography is a good full stop to a certain part of my life. Then new things can happen afterwards.

Toute l’interview :


Amiga vs Apple

En 1986,l’ordinateur personnel fait son entrée sur le marché et commodore amiga souhaite prendre le dessus commercialement sur mac. Alors la marque eu l’idée de faire appel à Andy Warhol pour la promouvoir. Celui ci, a même tourné une sorte de clip dans lequel il paint avec son ordinateur amiga le portrait de….Deborah Harry.


Tous mes vœux pour 2017 à tous les lecteurs et lectrices du blog. Je ne préciserai pas Santé, Amour, Prospérité etc…je vous laisse choisir votre option 😉

Il faut bien l’avouer, 2016 a été rude pour tout le monde et il est difficile d’être toujours inspiré pour un message de fin d’année. Et puis qu’est ce que cela va changer me diriez vous? Et bien pour ma part, je crois aux intentions. Commencer l’année avec des idées positives et l’envie de mieux faire c’est déjà un bon début.

Tous mes vœux à Deborah Harry ainsi qu’à tous les membres de Blondie. Une nouvelle tournée Blondie s’annonce et un album, c’est vraiment super on sera au rendez-vous 🙂

Pour ma part en guise de digression et de réflexion sur la nouvelle année…je vous laisse avec le photographe Geert Weggen

Paroles de fan : Joe

Je viens de lire un billet de Joe Hendry, un fan que je ne connais absolument pas. Joe dessine beaucoup notamment des portraits de stars apparemment. Il tient un blog où il présente son travail. En visitant sa galerie, je tombe sur un dessin représentant Déborah Harry et un texte. Joe explique qu’il est un fan depuis longtemps et qu’il se sent bien lorsqu’il dessine Déborah. C’est comme de l’Art therapie pour lui. Un sacré compliment vous non?.  A première vue, ça peut nous paraître un peu dingue mais personnellement, j’ai trouvé cette histoire très poétique 🙂


Blondie Artwork Therapy

Blondie artwork and paintings of Debbie Harry are subjects which I return to every now and again. I do the same with Madonna, Kate Bush and Marilyn Monroe.

Blogging is interesting and whilst I want to discuss recent events, I don’t want to spew my life all over a public forum. Suffice to say that this Blondie artwork has been keeping me going over the past couple of months. I’ve alluded to the fact that my health has not been the best in previous posts and it’s obvious looking at my exhibition list that there have been no exhibitions for some time.

Whereas before, if I was drawing or painting fan art, it would be a reasonably quick process. That is not the case now. These days, a drawing that would have taken a few days now takes months. The only down side here is from a time point of view. I have actually got to enjoy this slowed down process. I accept it, simply hoping that the resulting artwork makes somebody somewhere smile. I do of course create fan art mainly for myself though.

Art Therapy – The Tide Is High

Someone criticised me recently. It was to my face, so I don’t mind that! The point they were making was that I should not draw celebrities. They were complimentary about my other artwork and said that it had more imagination. My response was that some days fan-art is all I can manage. If I do any drawing at all. So, The Tide Is High but I am most definitely holding on. There are positives to be found in even the darkest days and the general trend with my health is that it is heading in the right direction. If somewhat slowly.

To go off at a slight tangent for a moment. I have to say how grateful for the NHS. I have made quite a bit of use of it over the past few years. Just how great it is to have an NHS came sharply into focus yesterday. I saw a post in my Facebook feed with regard to an American facebook Friend. His health insurance had run out and due to complications, he had not been in a position to renew it. He could not get affordable health care. A friend had posted a crowd funding page to help raise funds to get this man help for a medical issue. I know that this was a last resort and that he is embarrassed about it. Meanwhile, he is in great pain. Just awful that this will be repeated all over the States. It makes me so sad for people throughout the world who have to suffer for lack of money. It also makes me glad that we still have a functioning National Health Service in the UK.

Back To Blondie

So part of my road to recovery is to try to do a little drawing if I can every day. Drawing familiar faces is an unchallenging thing to do. I like to bring my own feelings to a familiar face, as I always have.

Over the past while I have been revisiting some old Blondie albums whilst I have been drawing Debbie Harry’s wonderful face. I’ve been mainly listening to Autoamerican, This is an album that I think was a little too sophisticated for me as a 14 year old. I have to say, despite the fact that Rolling Stone magazine gave it a one star review, I appreciate it more now than I did 35 years ago. Tracks like Angels On The Balcony are just fantastic. It has really got under my skin. In a good way.

I’ve also given The Hunter album a listen too. It did not do well all those years ago. It was the lead-up to Chris Stein being ill with pemphigus and the tour had to be partly cancelled due to poor ticket sales. I have to say though, again, I prefer it now then I did back then. Odd little tracks like Dragonfly are strangely hypnotic.

Blondie Artwork

When I say Blondie artwork, I do of course mean Debbie Harry artwork. I have nothing against any of the guys in the band either then or now but they don’t have Debbie’s bone structure. Or voice. I just adore that woman’s voice.

A pet peeve is when people refer to “Blondie” and they actually mean Deborah Harry. I read the Cathy Che biography on “Deborah Harry” and I’m sure Ive read elsewhere about the problems it caused in the band. This led to stickers saying “Blondie is a band” being produced. This only worked in part though. I still hear people say “She’s fantastic” in response to me mentioning the band. I also recall Top Of The Pops around 2003 when Blondie were appearing to perform the single “Good Boys” and the ill-informed presenter said “here she is”. I’m sure I saw Debbie Harry wince!

So, my Debbie Harry artwork above, is about 80% of the way there. I have absolutely no idea when it will be completed. I am using it as therapy as I said and to keep my fingers moving. Please check back next week, next month or next year to see the completed artwork in the Fan Art gallery.